**Affordable Healthcare for All Virginians**

Too many hard-working Virginians are not eligible for either ACA insurance or through their company. Too many, like entrepreneurs starting a business or self-employed people, can no longer afford insurance! Let's create a public option where anyone who needs it can buy affordable health insurance through a state program.

Protect Medicare and Medicaid

In 2019 Virginia expanded Medicaid to protect another 400,000 vulnerable Virginians without healthcare. Seniors have worked hard to merit their social security benefits and rely on their Medicare coverage.

Preserve Protections for Pre-existing Conditions

Before the ACA, many families were bankrupt by medical expenses for pre-existing conditions not covered by their health insurance. We must preserve coverage for pre-existing conditions!

Control Insurance Companies

For five years the insurance companies have raised premiums seemingly without restraints. It's time to rein them in!

Fund Our Public Schools

Funding for our public schools was cut drastically during the Great Recession and has hardly been increased. We are now 36th in the nation in funds allocated per student. We train but cannot retain excellent teachers.


Provide more frequent, smaller electric buses that charge overnight in solar powered garages.

Provide incentives to include high speed electric charging stations at all new construction.

The Arts

Government support of the arts on all levels is essential to our cultural well-being. Arts education by qualified arts professionals can be an economic driver in Virginia Beach and can cement our place as a cultural hub. Art matters for Virginia Beach!

Solar Tax Credits

The military believes energy self sufficiency is important to our national security. Let’s reintroduce state tax credits to add solar panels or wind turbines so everyone can be secure if the grid is disturbed.